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When to consult a retirement financial advisor in Kansas
March 14, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Two retirees enjoying life after retirement.

When considering consulting with a financial advisor in Kansas for retirement, it's difficult to know when to start. Determining this is complicated and depends on several variables unique to you and your life. Fortunately, at OWLFI, we’re the premier strategic financial and retirement planning firm. We're committed to helping each client achieve their retirement goals, and our unequaled staff is composed of experts who each handle one aspect of your financial well-being.

Here’s when to hire a financial advisor for retirement:

When should I hire a financial advisor for retirement?

Firstly, when considering when to hire a financial advisor in Kansas, consider your current circumstances.

If retirement is your most pertinent financial target, hiring a financial advisor for retirement is ideal to focus on that aspect of your financial plan. Also, if retirement planning is confusing or overwhelming, hiring a financial advisor for retirement is critical.

A financial advisor will help you elucidate your savings goals, get organized, and adhere to a plan that will enable you to retire comfortably, with a stable income, and with the ability to accomplish the goals you want to in retirement.

Generally, consulting a financial advisor for retirement is ideal when you are about 10 years removed from leaving a full-time position permanently. Moreover, if you are in your 20s or 30s, you are likely closer to starting a college fund or purchasing a house than retirement, rendering a financial advisor for retirement less of a priority.

Still, depending on your circumstances, hiring a financial advisor earlier can be supremely beneficial. Since most people retire at 65, retirement planning is planning for 20 or 30 years without a working income. Securing your financial future requires considerable thought and planning. Ultimately, it’s advisable to hire a financial advisor as soon as possible.

Some circumstances make this unfeasible. Still, if you can afford a financial advisor without going into debt, consulting one sooner is ideal. The sooner you begin, the more prepared you will be, and the more secure your future financial situation will be.

Why should you hire a financial advisor for retirement?

Understanding why you should hire a financial advisor in Kansas as soon as possible requires understanding what they do.

A financial advisor analyzes your financial situation, which they then use to understand what you need to do to achieve your unique retirement goals. If you are not as close as you think and begin planning too late, this can significantly constrain your post-retirement life.

Moreover, a financial advisor will ask when you plan to retire and what your goals are for after retirement, and they will assess how much you will be earning from Social Security and more. This is critical to devising a plan and understanding how to achieve your goals.

From making and managing investments to managing assets, a financial advisor will position you for post-retirement success. More importantly, a financial advisor will calculate exactly how much you need in your account the day you leave work.

This is complicated because it requires accounting for dynamic things like cost of living, inflation, and more. Without the expertise of a financial advisor, this is daunting. Ultimately, it’s impossible to determine when you need to consult with an advisor until you consult with one.

Call now to get started!

When it comes to retirement planning, it’s never too soon to consult with a financial advisor in Kansas. The sooner you do, the more prepared you will be to achieve your post-retirement goals. Fortunately, at OWLFI, we are an unmatched strategic financial and retirement planning firm. We can position you for success and generate significantly more income in retirement to ensure your golden years remain gilded. Fill out the contact form or call to get started!

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